4.2.17: Louise Glück Event April 5th


Welcome back! For those of you who may not know, the Louise Glück will visit Wellesley College on April 5th. If you would like to see her in person, please stop by the ZA House at 4:30 PM; however, if you do not have time to pay the little white house a visit, here is one of her poems for you.

by Louise Glück

I stopped liking artichokes when I stopped eating

butter. Fennel

I never liked.

One thing I’ve always hated

about you: I hate that you refuse

to have people at the house. Flaubert

had more friends and Flaubert

was a recluse.

Flaubert was crazy: he lived

with his mother.

Living with you is like living

at boarding school:

chicken Monday, fish Tuesday.

I have deep friendships.

I have friendships

with other recluses.

Why do you call it rigidity?

Can’t you call it a taste

for ceremony? Or is your hunger for beauty

completely satisfied by your own person?

Another thing: name one other person

who doesn’t have furniture.

We have fish Tuesday

because it’s fresh Tuesday. If I could drive

we could have it different days.

If you’re so desperate

for precedent, try

Stevens. Stevens

never traveled; that doesn’t mean

he didn’t know pleasure.

Pleasure maybe but not

joy. When you make artichokes,

make them for yourself.

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