Semper Augustus

By Victoria Yu ’16

You are
an oft-used euphemism;
the soft petals of feminine flesh.
A pretty thing – docile and domesticated.


A symbol of spring with
solid colors and Easter bunnies.
Oh. How boring.


Then I crossed the waters to a
low-lying kingdom where
you represented a nation.


“Beneath the evil façade
is a delicate, loving and wonderful tulip,”
said someone once before.


Then one day the petals wilted
and the words faded too.
Delicate, loving, and wonderful –
once dear, now crude.


But darling, be soft.
You brought men to their knees with
your white and your red.


Wield your tenderness like a weapon.
Crash a country.
Make them bleed.
Like Semper Augustus,
a fleeting vision –
gone yet

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