Should Have


I first found you
wrapped in the sheets of my thoughts.
But you got impatient too soon
and kicked them off.

I should have said something.
But I never wanted you
to leave.

I should have warned you.
I am not all the things I said I was
when we first met.
I could be more. I promise
to not tell you when I’m okay
and to never take out the trash so that
the smell of the days we spend together
will congeal into memories
that we’ll throw at each other when we’re upset

Where are you anyways?
I should have asked.
You left but you didn’t strip the sheets
and now my mind is crumpled in a pile
at the bottom of the bed.

I’m waiting
for the laundry to be done, but
two sets of comforters won’t do enough
to comfort me to sleep.

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